Compete with pub mates for 🍺 free beer and football glory! ⚽

Beer League is a free-to-play social game which allows you to easily find pubs near you, predict sports events outcomes and compete with other pub customers or your pub mates, sitting right next to you! With Beer League, you can share your predictions with friends, raise your status as a player and even become a pub champion. Your reward? Free beer from the pub and recognition of your skills from your friends!

Become pub champion!

How it works

The Beer League app finds the nearest pub to you, among 35 000+ pubs in the UK

Find nearest pub

Get a free beer

Football fixtures, live scores for 500+ major football leagues worldwide. 

Check in

Player who has collected the most points from predictions gets a free beer from the pub

Check in to join the competition! 

Compete only with the pub's customers

Each pub has its own 

leaderboard and championship title 

Predict a winner

Sounds cool, right?

But wait, there's more!

Find closest pubs 

& book a table

Get points every time your prediction was correct

Reserve the best seats in your favorite pub to enjoy a game!

See other players' bets 

& improve your strategy

Raise your rank 

in the pub

Complete missions 

& get more coins

The more you check in, the higher your pub status and higher rewards for check-in's

Let them know who is the real pundit on football or invite them to the pub


The more points you get from your bets, the more your chances to win a free beer!

Predict winners

& earn points

Every time you check in at a pub, you'll get free bets on sports events

Check in

 & bet for free

Improve your chances to become the pub champion by completing missions

Share your results &

achievements with friends

Check football

fixtures & live scores

From 500+ major world wide leagues, including World Cup 2018.

You can see the profiles of the players you compete against as well as their predtictions.

Become a pub champion

& win a beer!

watch a video

What players say.

"Overall, it is a great way to bring fans together and make the sport more fun"

Louis Owen

Patrick Devies

Harvey Saunders

"Football fans will be betting to win some beer. This is a great way to have fans wanting to watch the game more."

"I think it is a way for people to interact to make watching the games a little more fun."

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